Launched in May 2004 the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group – IWDIG was formed to help and support all involved in digital imaging and photography. As the group celebrated its 8th anniversary (2012) we are pleased that it is gaining in strength all the time and the change of venue in 2008 to Dimbola Lodge further enhanced the group’s place amongst the Island’s photographic community.

Aims to support and encourage everyone involved in digital imaging and photography whether practiced as a creative, leisure or professional activity…

The IWDIG is not a competition based photography group but assigns  monthly tasks, often in areas of photography that they have not touched on previously.

We are a practical group, who believe it’s membership, should be out taking new photographs, thus promoting the Isle of Wight to visitors and residents whom wish to explore photography on this beautiful Island.

We do not buy into the historical genre of monthly in-house/interclub competitions.

Our  photographic mission includes;  assignments and tasks which are geared to appeal to those who are new to photography as well the established photographer seeking an outlet for their creativity. 

Training in image correction and manipulation is regularly provided to the members and they are also introduced to new imaging software and digital techniques.

Eco Friendly

As forward thinking photographers we dont waste paper or ink printing out photographs for monthly competitions;  nor raise our carbon footprint or deplete funds  by paying for a Camera Club Circuit Judge to tell us ‘where’ and indeed ‘if’ we are going wrong.

Isle of Wight Photography In Focus 50 Weeks A Year

Photographers of any skill level, ability or age are welcome and on becoming a member will find a very social group willing to help and provide support when asked.

Please use the contact page if you would like any further information and we look forward to welcoming all interested in digital imaging, photography, training, support and friendly meetings to the IWDIG in the near future.

  • As a major supporter of the Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year – IWPOY online photographic competition the IWDIG recognises the Island’s photographic talent and will promote photography on the Isle of Wight where possible. 
  • As with the concept of the IWPOY the IWDIG strives to bring photographers together to share ideas, enhance their skills and in the future intends working towards strengthening photographers rights.


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