IWDIG Nature WalkWeather permitting this years IWDIG nature walk will take place on Saturday 4th of July at Shide Chalk-pit.  Photographers with an interest can meet Walk Leader Colin Haygarth at the entrance at 10.00 am.

Colin says: We are hoping to photograph wild orchids, butterflies and moths, the rare Marsh Helleborine Orchid is in flower at the moment in the chalk-pit and it will be worth coming along just to photograph this lovely flower, there are 3 orchids in flower at the moment and I am sure we will find other things to photograph as well.

Colin Haygarth Photo by AmandaDo bring something to kneel on as some of the orchids grow where the ground is a bit muddy.  As the weather is very warm at the moment it will be advisable to bring along drink as well as something to eat if you so wish.

The plan is to stay in the area of the chalk-pit until at least 2.00 pm. Should anyone wish to arrive late, the group will be either in the main chalk-pit which is straight in the entrance and down the steps or  on the grassy slope on the right as you come in the entrance.

Any photographer interested in taking part can get in touch with Colin (as seen above) via the contact form on this website.