Tales From The Desktop – New Feature

Against our better judgement, we have decided to publish a regular new feature ‘Tales from the Desktop’ by F Stop. This is an in depth look at camera clubs from should we say a slightly different perspective.

We have had a word with F Stop and decided a little illustration may help the readers in setting the scene. So read on and “we can see a face of Agatha” in there. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, Thanks to F Stop and we hope you enjoy Episode 1:

It was a Tuesday evening in deepest, darkest Wroxall. Gerry, who ran the local photographic digital imaging group, was sat at his computer. The house was silent except for the gentle sound of sobbing. It was Gerry who was sobbing as he gazed, with bewilderment, at the images that had been dropping into his inbox all evening. Continue reading

Photographic Excuses

Over the last few months we have been collecting excuses that some of our photographers use when their work is being critiqued. We though that now was about the right time to share some of them with you. All of the following are genuine comments and we hope that they manage to raise a smile. Continue reading

What The Duck: Photo Copy

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