Over the last few months we have been collecting excuses that some of our photographers use when their work is being critiqued. We though that now was about the right time to share some of them with you. All of the following are genuine comments and we hope that they manage to raise a smile.


“I couldn’t get closer because a chain was in my way

“I couldnt run fast enough to keep up with them

“I was getting blown about in the wet and was taking it at an angle

“I find it hard to get yellows right

“It’s difficult to get angles right to stop it looking wrong

“I fell over backwards

“I’m surprised it came out like that with the wind buffeting

“Actually it was raining when I took the picture

“It would have looked better with a bit of a flash

“It’s a bit of a wonky one

“I had an epiphany while on the toilet and got my camera

“Go into the loo and take a master piece

“The horizon looks as though it is tilted

“I’m good at spotting dust, I tell ya

“I have happy accidents

“I always set it like that to accommodate the extremes

“I was trying to draw people into the dollop of green

“It was a very quick shot with a bull coming

“It’s a bit hilly for me, if you straightened up the horizon the cow would fall over

“It wasnt my excuse

“No ! I was happy where I was

“It took me along time to get that one in focus

“I was happy to find the subject, it didnt matter what the camera was set on

“Well seen…what is it?

“I didnt flash very much

“It was down someones side path

“it is very easy to over expose

“I just liked the horizontals

“I was concentrating so hard not to startle the cow, I didnt realise I had lost the gap

“The pictures were so bad this week I decided to show last weeks again

“I cant remember where the focal point was

“Trouble is you can’t see it very well, and I didnt see the lampost coming out of his head

“I probably had a foot in a ditch when I took it so it wasnt straight

“It didnt help me understand my camera at all

“I would just ‘auto chink’

“If I had come down anymore Peter would have been laid in the grass

“My model the ladybird moved round the other side when I pressed the shutter

“The wall was going up hill

“I had to sit in someones garden to get what you are saying

“I think the camera confused itself alittle

“I must have pressed the wrong button

“I tried to do it on the boat

“It was a very wide angle lens


We hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into a photographer’s mind, maybe we’ll add a few more from time to time!