Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group photographers have been invited to experience Robin Hill’s stunning new ‘Electric Woods’ for free!

To celebrate the launch of the Electric Woods ‘Blazing June’ event, Robin Hill are holding a photography competiton for IW Photography Clubs & Societies to capture the creatively lit woodlands and gardens at dusk. 

This is the first chance for photographers to view the Electric Woods and to test their night time photography skills to the limit in this creative dark environment. 

The event runs between Wed 6th June & Sat 9th June (inclusive). Gates open from 8.30pm to 11.00pm.

During this week, the sun sets after 9.15pm, so the best opportunities for photographs are probably later in the evening.

The whole idea of the competition is to offer photography club members the chance to take some really inspiring shots of Robin Hill and of course to get some feedback from some of the first ‘creatively minded’ people to publicly enjoy the stunning ‘Electric Woods’…

Please Note: IWDIG Photographers will need to present their current IWDIG membership photo card on the night they choose to visit.

There are four subject classes to take advantage of the stunning photographic opportuntities:

1) Woodland ponds: A reflective moment
2) Best single illuminated tree
3) Woodland music & entertainment
4) Illuminated features
James Crofts from Robin Hill Adventure Park & Gardens explained: I would like to formally extend an invitation to yourself, and the members of your photography club to enter a photography competition specifically designed for Island based photography enthusiasts. 

The event itself creates a mesmerising ambience within our natural woodland and presents countless unique photo opportunities, but is also a great way to spend an evening in the park wandering through the twilight glades and soaking up the live music and street entertainment on offer.

In brief, members of your group (plus a guest each) are invited to visit this event FOR FREE – on any one of the days we are running it next week 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th June 2012, to take pictures so they can enter our competition. 

IWDIG Photographers will need to present their current IWDIG membership photo card on the night they choose to visit either 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th June – 8.30pm – 11pm.  Upon arrival Robin Hill Staff will take details (name, club association, contact number and email address) for future reference to the competition.

An email with full details of prizes, t&c’s etc.. is on its way to current IWDIG members.