Isle of Wight Photographer Colin Haygarth was recently invited to spend a day photographing Nature & Wildlife in an Amateur Photographer Magazine Masterclass.

Colin who has a great passion in Natural History and Wildlife photography produces some stunning work which often graces the pages of  Isle of Wight News Magazine Island Pulse.  

In this Masterclass, wildlife photographer Paul Hobson showed a group of Amateur Photographer’s visiting London, how to achieve eye-catching nature and wildlife images.

Colin as pictured in the frame at Dimbola.

Colin found Paul Hobson to be a fantastic photographer and he found the experience of spending the day with him very enlightening.

Not just an Amateur Photographer’s Masterclass expert, Paul also lectures on wildlife photography, runs external workshops and will be holding another nature and wildlife Masterclass day with AP in October.

The results of Colin’s endeavours were captured for the Amateur Photographer Magazine and we’re sure Colin will let his friends at the IWDIG know when the relevant issue is published.