Fort Walk Photo Featured In Coast Magazine

As they say time and tide wait for no man, due to the excitement of the Olympic Games, it was little wonder, many people missed a window of opportunity to take part in the annual (unofficial) Isle of Wight Fort Walk 2012.

Bembridge resident and IWDIG photographer John Sparrow, who has been on the Walk many times, saw one of his photographs feature within the pages of Coast Magazine in 2012. Continue reading

Online Photo Grabbers Watch Out!

Photo copyright boost set to open online ‘floodgates’

People who pluck photos from the internet without permission could face a barrage of lawsuits over coming months. 

Following a Government announcement of a ‘simpler and easier’ system, Intellectual Property disputes can now be resolved using the ‘small claims track’ in the Patents County Court (PCC).

Photographers can pursue damages for breach of copyright, for up to £5,000, without even appointing a solicitor, unlike before where they may have been put off by a potentially long, and expensive, legal fight. Continue reading

IWDIG Calendar 2012: Sold Out!

We have just  released our first IWDIG calendar, containing 12 fresh scenes from the Isle of Wight and it sold out within one day!

The Calendar task was never intended to be a vanity publication and as the saying goes charity begins at home, we mutually agreed the IWDIG 2012 Calendar was sold to raise funds for Dimbola Lodge.

Keeping in focus, our next calendar for 2013 will be more than ready for the Christmas rush in 2012.  We will continue to showcase the rich and vibrant life we as photographers experience on the Isle of Wight.

IWDIG Man From Ventnor Antipodean Journey Part 1

As most of us are aware IWDIG photographer, our man from Ventnor Colin Haygarth recently embarked on a 5 week journey to Australia. 

Colin wanted to keep the IWDIG posted on his journey and within the first week forwarded this short text with images below.

Thought you might like to see Kuala Lumpur Airport which was our stop off before we flew on to Adelaide. One for Amanda: A kangaroo jumped a fence to cross the road at Spring Gully Conservation Park. Continue reading

Isle of Wight Calendar 2012

Having been set the task of capturing and producing our first Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group calendar, we are happy to report we’ve exceeded the halfway mark.

Focusing our attention in October 2010 we decided a great project would be to produce our very first IWDIG Calendar.  To launch a calendar for 2012 involves Olympic style planning and we remain focused on capturing 12 fresh scenes from the Isle of Wight each month representative of Jan, Feb etc.

The Calendar task was never intended to be a vanity publication and as the saying goes charity begins at home, last week we mutually agreed the IWDIG 2012 Calendar will be sold to raise funds for Dimbola Lodge. Continue reading

IWDIG Scoop Photo Prose Credit In AP

In review of the recent Isle of Wight Photographer of the Year Awards, an image by Colin and prose by Amanda has made the Amateur Photographer Magazine news page.

Of course this is not the first time the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group or the IWPOY have featured in the news or in the world renowned AP magazine and we are sure it wont be the last.

The article and image relates to former Amateur Photographer Magazine Features Editor Bob Aylott on winning the Julia Margaret Cameron Award.

Continue reading

IWDIG Monochrome Miscellany @ Ventnor Winter Gardens

“Monochrome Miscellany”, as the title suggests, covers a variety of subjects from portraits through to landscapes and winter trees. Using a number of techniques and cameras Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group photographers managed to capture “something for everyone”.

An open invitation to the launch and artists reception at Ventnor Winter Gardens on Thursday 28th October 7:00 p.m in the Balmoral Gallery.  The exhibition is free to view and will run between 28th October till 25th November 2010. 

With a tight deadline and the brief to capture, select, print and frame this exhibition in just two weeks the IWDIG takes great pleasure in presenting the outcome of this photographic challenge. 

Continue reading

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