Congratulations to Sandown & Shanklin District Camera Club (SSDCC) who on Thursday night won and took back home to Watery Lane, the prestigious Jessops Cup. 

The Jessops Cup Competition, not being the only recognition, it was a double cup celebration as this week also saw, SSDCC President Eric Mitchell take home, the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Services to the Photographic Community.

Amanda commented: SSDCC will need a job lot of Duraglit  

The annual Jessops Cup event was hosted this year by Niton and District Camera Club at the Buddle Inn, it was well represented with six of the Islands photographic groups from across the Isle of Wight, in attendance.

The Judge for the evening was Nick Hendry, whom we all thought gave fair and comprehensive critique along with some impressive individual marks for our panel of ten images.

Our thanks to all the IWDIG members who submitted their images for consideration, as usual the work was of such a high standard, that the images of the group selected made up an impressive panel, which clearly showed in our resulting 78 score (thanks to one of our members for pointing out the typo error on the score). 

We were exceptionally pleased to note that we continue to be the only photographic group on the Island to submit a panel of entries from 10 individual photographers.