A belated but very big thank you to everyone who took part and visited the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group (IWDIG) during our ‘Get the Picture’ ITea and biscuits week soiree at Dimbola in September.

Age UK wanted people who already know how to use technology to pass on their ideas and know-how. As everyone at the IWDIG are potential digital champions they are always more than happy to pass on and share their knowledge.

Our unique event at Dimbola Lodge was the only one supporting the Age UK Campaign on the Isle of Wight, and formed part of the wider initiative which saw thousands of people willing to learn about digital technologies across the UK.

‘Get the Picture’ was an informal taster session on digital photography where everyone was invited to join their peers in a comfortable and supportive environment, to learn about technology such as digital cameras, mobile phones and more. 

Perhaps a tad controversial or even cutting edge but the chocolate biscuits and fig rolls were ditched in favour of cake and a digital camera was used to capture that important moment.

All our efforts at the IWDIG feed the national Race Online 2012 campaign aiming to get the entire nation online by 2012.