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Aug 01 2011

Brian May Captured IWDIG Photographer In 3D

On a recent visit to Dimbola Brian May could not contain his passion for stereoscopic images and seized the opportunity to use his Fuji Real 3D camera to capture the moment.  If one Gary wasn’t enough look away as we now have him in stereo.

The pictures, commonly called stereo pairs, make use of the parallel viewing method. Seeing them stereoscopically requires concentration and may take a while to master.  We found using the ‘Owl’ designed by Brian worked a treat. Continue Reading »

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May 25 2011

Nikon Filed Patent Infringement Against Sigma

Nikon is seeking an injunction against Sigma, as well as multi-million pound damages, for alleged patent infringement of its vibration reduction technology used in interchangeable lenses.

Nikon has invested considerable resources in the form of research and development over a period of many years. Such investments have created intellectual property that are important business assets of Nikon and have enabled Nikon to continuously provide the products and services that satisfy its customers Continue Reading »

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May 23 2011

Nikon D7000 Wins Grand Prix Award

Nikon Corporation have announced that the Nikon D7000 digital-SLR camera is the recipient of the CameraGP2011 Readers Award.  The D7000 was also the recipient of the TIPA Awards 2011 Best D-SLR Advanced award.

This Readers Award was established in 2008 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Camera Grand Prix. The recipient of this year’s award was selected with voting by general users between March 28 and April 10, 2011. Continue Reading »

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May 08 2011

Silver Surfers Spring Online In The Digital World

Are you struggling to adjust in a digital world?

This month the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group (IWDIG) are offering expert advice and information for the digitally challenged.  We want to help ignite your interest in the internet and conquer the digital age.

To support people and organisations all over the Island we are opening our doors on 18th & 25th May 2011 as part of Spring Online Week* to give everyone a taste of what the digital world has to offer. Continue Reading »

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Apr 01 2011

Picture This ‘The Invisible Camera’

Photographers can now focus on something that will bring an end to the mega pixel race.   Chris Marquardt has developed a mind blowing new camera called The Invisible Camera. 

Using ground breaking technology similar to polarization, to amplify the light that forms the image by harnessing ambient light.

This project to create the worlds first ‘Invisible Camera has its roots back in the early 1990s, and after years of research, a limited quantity of 100 cameras were available for field test.   Watch the Video Continue Reading »

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Mar 28 2011

IWDIG ‘Spring Into Summer Online’

Over the last 6 months the IWDIG have hosted a series of informational and practical events to help people get online.  The intended goal, to get as many people who are not already internet-savvy to go online and see the benefits for themselves.

The IWDIG are happy to open the door and run free awareness sessions to give older people and other less confident users a taste of computers and the internet. A special  ‘Spring Into Summer Online’ takes place on Wednesday evening between 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm. Continue Reading »

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Mar 25 2011

Spring Forward To Capture ‘The Lost Hour’

“A little something for the weekend”  lets capture the moment.

Here’s a great little project and lets hope all of our photographers take part. As the clocks go forward on 27th March we are about to lose an hour, but lets make the best of it, by capturing ‘The Lost Hour’ as a snapshot in time.

On Sunday as we spring into British Summer Time (BST), choose an hour capture some photos and post them to our IWDIG facebook page.  Continue Reading »

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Mar 24 2011

Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

If the £237.60 full retail cost of Adobe Lightroom 3.3 has deterred you from downloading the software and dipping your toe in the water, then Gary’s series of lectures over at SSDCC must have done a good job in persuading you that this is the future and that you will find it money well spent. Shopping around can reduce this outlay. The earlier version, Lightroom 3, is now available on the Web from £145.00 and would be a good starting point. Continue Reading »

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Feb 23 2011

Elements, PS & Lightroom Techniques

Gary started his lecture by addressing a previous Lightroom question on the matter of backing up his catalogues. He explained and demonstrated how to edit the numerous drop- down options for automatic Catalogue backups and how to specify the file storage location. There was also the simple manual route of “File, Options, Catalogue settings” available. Continue Reading »

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Feb 13 2011

IWDIG Focus ‘GO ON’ Mobile

The Go ON – get more out of life online campaign challenged everyone to use computers and the internet and make getting online their New Year’s resolution.

The Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group enjoyed ‘Go ON mobile activities using cameras, mobile phones, computers and the internet.  

In addition new people could visit at any time during January and February, by dropping in for a free taster session on digital photography at the IWDIG. Continue Reading »

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