The Great Exhibition 2012 has just launched its first regional campaign on the Isle of Wight.

Not wanting to miss out on this innovation, the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group are now actively seeking votes as one of the Greats for The Great Exhibition 2012.

We want to improve our ranking by sharing how great the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group is with friends, on Facebook and Twitter.  So it’s time to let your fingers do the talking and vote for the IWDIG as your favourite thing on the Isle of Wight. 

We have prepared pictorals, please note you must register on The Great Exhibition website:  click here before you can vote.


Julie Benson The Great Exhibition 2012 CEO said:

“I’ve chosen the Island because it’s not only my home but because it’s a great place. It’s full of wonderful, creative people who make up a unique and very special community. Prince Albert conceived the idea of The Great Exhibition 1851 whilst on the Island and provides some of the inspiration for our 21st Century Great Exhibition, so where better to start.

So I call on you all to show Britain how amazing this beautiful Island is, from the stunning views and landscape of the Military Road to the world famous watersports we have on our doorstep. We have some of the most beautiful countryside, coastlines and attractions in the U.K, but above all we have a wonderful community spirit that we should share with the rest of Britain.”

You can vote for the IWDIG on the Great Exhibition 2012 website: click here

Greats for The Great Exhibition 2012 was exclusively launched on the Island ahead of the national launch on the 6th May. Read more from Island Pulse click here

  • The voice of Britain for 2012.
  • Putting Britain on the Map.
  • The famous & Undiscovered of Britain.
  • The People’s Celebration.

The Great Exhibition 2012 is creating innovative ways to work out what really makes Britain Great. Rather than us telling you what makes the country great we want you to tell us. To true British form we want to do this via a series of competitions.

Firstly we have launched a league table of everything that is great about Great Britain. You can Create your own, which can be anything from The Queen to Yorkshire Puddings, your favourite artist or local band, your regions great landscape or manufacturer, your favourite attraction or seaside town. You can Explore what others have created, see what is Great in your area or somewhere you are visiting. You can Share photos & memories of what you think Makes Britain Great. The table will show what Britain’s favourite Great is over the course of the next 18 months.

In July we will launch the Greats of Great Britain Cup. This will pitch Greats against each other in a knockout-style competition, where you, the British public, vote each week on what you want to make it to the next round. It will be up to you to ensure you promote your favourite sports team, region, celebrity, place or dish to rest of the online world. Imagine Cadburys vs. Virgin Atlantic or David Beckham vs. Jonny Wilkinson, the Cotswolds vs. Cornwall, who would you vote for?

This will culminate in a select group of ambassadors of the Britain’s Favourites winning the chance to campaign for their Great, live at The Great Exhibition 2012, at this point only votes from those at the Exhibition will count! Winners will get a once-in-a-lifetime prize which will be revealed closer to the finals. We will be running a host of mini-competitions throughout the next 18 months, from ‘Great of The Month’ to ‘Our Favourite Landscape Photo Upload’.