Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group Focus On Facebook.

With the current explosion in Social Media technologies  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc has made it easier than ever to connect with friends and groups of similar hobbies and interests from all around the world.

Facebook as one of the more popular social networking sites is apparently all the rage, and makes sharing easier, especially if you’re a photography enthusiast!

Once more the Isle of Wight Digital Imaging Group are bridging the digital divide. 

UK Online Centres has thrown down the gauntlet to encourage, if not, increase our membership with their Go ON – get more out of life online campaign.  First of all we had to get to grips with a worldwide phenomenon, with over 500 million users, we have now utilised, some benefits of being able to use Facebook.  IWDIG now has an Account Profile a Facebook Group, and a Public Page which can be viewed click here

Facebook – The Social Network

If you are a new user of Facebook and want to share some pictures with friends and family, this article should help. Of course you may not have a Facebook account and be totally unaware of the phenomenon you can find out more by clicking here: 

Upload Photos To Facebook With Your Mobile Phone

As long as your phone can take photos and you can send email, it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have uploading photos to Facebook is easy.  Although Facebook is popular the user interface can be complicated, but don’t worry, here is a straight forward way to upload your photos.

And why are we sharing this snippet? watch this space….