Gary introduced this talk by outlining the areas that he was going to cover that evening which included Photoshop and Lightroom hints and tips. His experience in both programmes enables him to tailor these to an audience of mixed photographic abilities and this always ensures him a welcome reception.

Starting with Photoshop, Gary demonstrated some useful applications for the following tools and processes: Liquify Tool; Free Transform; Using Layer Blending Modes and removal of straggly hair using blurring and masking techniques.

As a follow-up to the recent ‘Rankin recreates Hollywood’ television program Gary then demonstrated how to use post processing techniques to convert a portrait photograph into the classic Hollywood Black & White style image. He explained that the secret of this technique is careful selection of the portrait photograph to convert, careful manipulation of focus, narrow Depth of Field, vignetting and a high degree of contrast.

After the break, Gary then moved on to tips for Lightroom with the emphasis on the new 3.3 version explaining that Lightroom has once again been redesigned from the ground up and introduces a new ‘process version’, new de-mosaicing algorithms (conversion of Raw files) which provides vastly improved noise reduction, sharpening and vignetting processes.

Gary then showed the group Lightroom’s Camera Calibration options in the Develop Module and explained how Adobe has implemented simulated manufacturer proprietary ‘camera picture controls’ allowing these controls to be applied post production on camera specific Raw files.

As a final look at what’s new in Lightroom 3.3 Gary previewed the new Import dialog box demonstrating both how to import from a media card and adding images directly from a disk drive. He explained the importance of creating ‘import presets’ and the use of the compact Import dialog box which simplifies the whole process. He also provided a brief description regarding the use of the DNG file format and its advantages.

This report is, at best, an overview of this particular training session. Gary welcomes questions (always proof that the lecturer knows his subject in depth ) and is available  for a chat during the break.

Another enjoyable and useful Club Training evening.

Dick Loaring Compiled from notes kindly taken by Chuck Eccleston.